From the editor: Making space for grace

God’s grace is yet moving in our midst, reaching out to us, even though our lives be entangled in the brokenness and injustice of the times in which we live.

There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, ’cause we’re all coppers: The Discworld Night Watch as a metaphor for church community

Jesus understood the value of a good parable to make a point understandable. In reading the Discworld books, I am certain Terry Pratchett did, too.

One minute is better than no minutes

Good church leaders tend to have high standards for themselves. Paradoxically, that can get in the way of getting started.

When fasting becomes starving: Why Ramadan 2024 is unprecedented for many Muslims around the world

This Ramadan has brought with it vivid coverage of those suffering from famine and starvation due to the critical situation in Gaza. As we witness these circumstances, our hearts sting as we see full platters in front of us, especially when we see uneaten food going to waste.

Justice. Mercy. Faith.

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Faith and Mental Health

Still okay?

Still okay?

Many negative references remain in our common discourse about race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religious practice, and a host of other categories of human experience. The difference is, when used in public forums, the transgressor will be fired or politically maligned or cancelled or publicly shamed for using them. In contrast, commentators, politicians, preachers, and celebrities of all kinds can pepper their conversation with pejorative references to those who live with mental illness without consequence.

The effects of pandemic brain fog on mental health: God’s grace is sufficient

Many of us who have survived the past couple of years have come away with significant pandemic-related “brain fog.” Forgetfulness, confusion, agitation, fear, anxiety. You might have encountered a spike in any or all of these and more. The question marks continue to appear as COVID-19 cases come and go in different parts of the world. If you do not seem to be your old, pre-pandemic self, you’re not alone.


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