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Want to write for
The Christian Citizen? 

The Christian Citizen is an online publication for American Baptists and other diverse voices to offer timely response to current events and contemporary issues in a format that is fresh *and easily accessible to readers.

We feature thought-provoking articles and action-inspiring essays that intersect faith, politics, discipleship and citizenship, while examining a variety of public concerns ranging from gun violence, racism, trauma and sexual violence to poverty, food insecurity, disabilities and immigration.

In short, we are looking for stories that connect with and help readers understand what Jesus called the weightier matters of the law: justice, mercy, and faith.


We publish original articles but also consider reprints including blog posts, and book excerpts. Articles range between 700 and 1,000 words long.

Will I be paid?

We pay $150 per article for original content we publish that is exclusive to The Christian Citizen. This does not include blog posts, book excerpts, or articles previously published elsewhere.

Questions to consider when writing for
The Christian Citizen.

Why this article? Why now? Does it connect with something that has happened, or a trend, a new book, social media post, song or idea that’s being discussed? Does it offer a timely response to current events and contemporary issues or to deeper trends within Christian faith and practice?

What we’re looking for. Strong articles…

  • Include an element of surprise—something unexpected.
  • Evoke feeling: awe, wonder, outrage, joy, sorrow, delight, etc.
  • Offer analysis, explanation, context, history, quotes, evidence, data.
  • Follow basic rules of journalism: Stick to what is true. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t make up names. Anything in quotes must be accurate.
  • Use strong verbs and avoid the passive voice or academic jargon.
  • Include sentences that stand alone and paragraphs that are short (two-to-three sentences).
  • Avoid clichés.


We’re less interested in articles that… 

  • Drive an agenda rather than an idea.
  • Seem expected or offer perspectives or news that is widely available elsewhere.
  • Are too academic and not accessible to a wide audience.
What should my article include?
  • Sources—link to original documents, previous news stories to back up your claims.
  • Headline suggestions that are compelling and shareable.
  • Bio—one to two sentences including your title/position and organizational affiliation. If you have a book or website, include a link.
Can I pitch a story before writing it?

Yes. If you would like to propose an article, send a brief pitch to including a strong headline suggestion that summarizes your point.

Will my article be edited?

Yes. Our editors are careful not to alter your opinion or voice, but edit for clarity and precision of language and for logic of argumentation and organization. Articles are also fact checked and copy edited for grammar and style. If major changes are necessary, we will send the article to you for review prior to publication.

Will my article also appear in print?

Possibly. In January and July, we publish print editions of The Christian Citizen featuring the best articles from the prior six months.

How will I know when my article publishes?

You will receive an email with a link to your article when it publishes. We also promote articles on social media and through an e-newsletter. We encourage you to promote your article. Send to friends and family. Post on social media tagging @thechristiancitizen on Facebook and @christiancitzn on Twitter when you do.